Parents Magazine, a popular publication for young families, has opted to toss every ounce of credibility they may have previously had straight into the trash in favor of earning “likes” and approval from the radical left.

Earlier this week, the magazine reposted a viral photo on Instagram from a couple who decided to use their preschool-aged child to virtue-signal their support for sanitary napkin brand  Always’ decision to remove the female symbol from their menstrual product packaging.

In the photo, the child holds a sign that reads, “Some men have periods too if I can get it so can you.

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One mom is showing her support for Always’ decision to remove the female Venus symbol from their packaging to be more inclusive of trans and non-binary people: “Some men have periods. Some non-binary people have periods. Some women have periods. Eli has been told about periods since he saw blood on my pants a couple of years ago (I no longer have them now and tbh it is shit when it’s seen as like the ultimate feminine superpower because I’m still a woman so 🖕🏻). I didn’t use the language of women have periods because it’s not entirely inclusive. I told him that SOME women, SOME non binary people and SOME men have periods. It was easy for him to accept as he hadn’t had to unlearn the engrained societal norm but if a 4 year old can grasp it I’m sure most of us can have a crack at unlearning transphobic/misinformed norms and open our minds... ya think? 🙄 Trans men may have ‘female’ sex organs and still experience periods and some non binary people have periods too therefore removing a female logo off the front of sanitary products helps include us all 😊 isn’t that wholesome and a nice gesture? Why in the name of Lizzo should that affect ANY of us... it’s not insulting to women, it’s not discrediting women, it’s opening up the community to make it a safe space for those who don’t identify as women but still have periods. Stop being a asshat. Grasp it." Tap the link in bio to read more. via @millykeepsgoing

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